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Orlando, FL 32856
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Monday through Friday: 08:30 am - 5:00 pm
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    PKG Services specializes in hotel & resort Procurement Services (including OFI, FF&E, OS&E, and CFI), Project Management, and Consulting Services. Our skill and expertise are rooted in more than 32 years of experience in this arena. We have the competence and knowledge to meet all of your project needs.

    Our Mission: Helping you create guest places and spaces, for visits they'll remember for a lifetime.

    Our Vision: Our goal is to assist you in your new build or renovation of guest/customer spaces by making your project (and its progress) team-assessable, budget friendly, multilaterally rewarding, timely, and maybe to even have some fun along the way.

    Our Process: We meet with principals of your team to assess, define, refine your project and then work to outline a project plan, delineating stakeholders and responsibilities, timelines, deliverables, milestone markers, and completion date(s). To keep project stakeholders on the same page, we use interactive Cloud based technology that allows for the ability to identify problems, effect solutions, and measure progress in real time. Our web-based platform is customizable and available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    Our Promise: We will be with you each step of the way as you seek to envision, plan, create and rejuvenate guest spaces for your customers to experience and enjoy.

    Please visit our website to learn more about the professional services and expertise we offer.